Caifede candles is a candle factory china, as a professional soy wex candle manufacturer and supplier, OEM reed diffuser oil and wholesale luxury scented candles for our customers all over the world.
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Candle wholesaler hot sale classical design customize glass pillar votive candle holder with color sprayed for home decor

Each candle should has its own candle holders.The colorful wax,the rich scents,many and varied sizes... Our candle holders are always can meet what you need for your favorite scented candles.Even if it is an unscented white candle,combined with a simple clear glass candle holder,can be easily one of your special minimalism style decorations.Our candle holders have a wide range,from clear glass,to colorful appearances glass,to various shaped glass.If you want more creative ones,just contact us.

  • Brand : CAIFEDE
  • MOQ : 1000pcs
  • Material : glass
  • Weight : 365g
  • Burning time : 30-35hrs
  • Size : 9*10cm
  • Whether OEM : OEM
+86 13506483595

Black pairs to white,these classical combination,on this regular size glass holder,always can grasp the latest fashion trend.

 candle holder (21).jpg

Classical monstera patterns decals are full warped on the candle holders,the white and black color,presents a vivid color comparison,creates a clear but fresh looking.

candle holder (9).jpg

The regular size is perfect for different size candles,not just for tealight candles ,but your loved pillar candles,votive candles...Pick one and enjoy your favorite candles.

 candle holder (11).jpg

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