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Woven ground cover weed

Woven ground cover weed
Woven ground cover weed
Woven Ground Cover Weed is the original commercial grade weed control fabric for prevention of weeds in all areas of the garden. Comes with high UV resistance, 15 year guarantee and is easy to cut, handle and lay.



1. Material: PP, virgin material or recycled material.
2. Weight: 63gsm-200gsm
3. Width: 30cm-500cm
4. Length: As per ur request.
5. Color: Black with green/white grid,or any color is available.
6. Tearing strength: From 0.5 to 2.2kN
7. Mesh: 8*8,9*9,10*10, 11*11,12*12,13*13,14*14
8. UV stabilized: Up to your request.
9. Packing: In rolls (25m,50m,100m,200m,500m,1000m,2000m) or pieces.
1.The PP-mesh protection fabric, is very useful for the usage against all kinds of weed. 
2.The extremely high water-permeability helps the water to reach the ground constantly. 
3.It heats up the soil encouraging early growth and controls moisture loss. 
4.The green stripes are incorporated with squares of 15 x 15 cm to facilitate the uniform positioning of plant pots. 
5.It is also used on steep slopes and embankments to encourage the establishment of bushes and plants. 
6.The extremely high tear resistance in combination with the easy handling makes this agrotextile a useful helper for many applications.