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Non woven geotextile fabric
Non woven geotextile fabric is is Eco-friendly, Non-toxic and Harmless.It’s widely used in making bags,home textile products,interlining ,agriculture/garden,geotextiles&building medical,etc.
Non woven geotextile
Non woven Geotextiles are permeable fabrics which, when used in association withsoil, have the ability to separate, filter, reinforce, protect, or drain. Typically made from polypropylene.
Polypropylene Non Woven Geotextile
Polypropylene Non Woven Geotextile is widely used for separation, filtration, drainage, reinforcement, protection, sealing in reservoir, hydropower, highway, railway, port, airport, sports ground, tunnel, coastal beach, reclamation, environmental area.
PP non woven fabric
PP Non wovens polypropylene fabric for a wide and variety of applications, such as Health, Hygiene, Medical, Packaging, Agriculture, Furniture Upholstery, Shoes and Garments. Customers come from the textile and automotive industries as well as many other sectors.
PP non woven geotextile
PP Non woven Geotextile have many applications and currently support many civil engineering applications including roads, airfields, railroads, embankments, retaining structures, reservoirs, canals, dams, bank protection, coastal engineering and construction site silt fences.
PP non woven fabric
PP non woven fabric is broadly defined as sheet or web structures bonded together by entangling fiber or filaments (and by perforating films) mechanically, thermally or chemically. They are flat, porous sheets that are made directly from separate fibers or from molten plastic or plastic
Non woven geotextile fabric
PP non woven geotextile is made of polypropylene (PP) on needle punch machine. The mass is available from 100gsm/m2 to 1500gsm/m2 and the width available from 2.0m-6.5m, monolayer or multilayer (reinforcement geotextiles), long fiber or short fiber. In addition, all kinds of color are available. The annual production ability is 10 million square meters.
non woven polypropylene fabric
We are a pp non wowen fabric manufacturer, which has experience more than 10 years,so you have price advantages,you will save time to catch selling season and fell relieved to buy.
Non woven fabric
Non woven fabric is made of PP (polypropylene),Virgin PET(polyester) or recycle PET.Our products are certifiated by SGS , MSDS , CE .Non woven fabrics are mainly used in Wet wipes , baby wipes , household wipe , household wiper , wiping rolls , tissu rolls , towel rolls , spa gauze , spa/hospital bed sheet , pillow covers etc.
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