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Non woven geotextile
Non woven geotextile is formed by long yarn or short fiber laid to net sharp by different equipments and technology, different fibers interwining with each other through needle punching etc technics, this would make the fabrics normalized, soft, plump, thick and stiff to meet different thickness and usage requirements.
PP non woven fabric
PP non woven fabric is made from polypropylene fiber , featuring resistance to acid and alkali and oxidation, non-corroding, no worm-eaten.It is easy construction-low weight, easy operation, simple construction.
Non woven fabric
Non woven fabric can prevent the mixture of sandstone, soil mass and concrete of upper and lower layers.Its mesh is hard to jam by virtue of the compliancy and motility of the reticulation formed by indefinite form fibrous tissue.High water permeability-it can keep good water permeability even in the pressure of soil and water.
PP non woven fabric
PP non woven fabric is widely used in the fields of water conservancy, hydroelectric power, roads,railways,ports,airports,sports stadiums,tunnels,coastal beach, land reclamation,environmental protection and so on. They played the roles as isolation, filtration,drainage, reinforcement, protection, and sealing.
Non woven geotextile
Non woven geotextiles show excellent filtration effciency, isolation, reinforced protective effect, high tensile strength, good permeability, high temperature resisting, anti-freezing, anti-aging, corrosion resistance.
Non woven geotextile fabric
Non woven geotextile fabric is a new type of construction materials which is defined to use in construction projects. The main roles of geotextile include filter, water treatment materials and geo-reinforce.
Non woven geotextile
Non woven geotextile has good air and water permeability to let water flow through it so as to effectively control sandrock running-down.And it has good water transmissibility, it can form drainage channels inside soil mass to drain redundant liquid and air out of the soil mass.
PP non woven geotextile
PP Non woven geotextile is mainly used in the area of highway, railway, dam, coastal beach for rein forcement, filtration, separation and drainage, especially used in salt marshes and garbage burying field. Mainly in filtration, reinforcemnent and separation.
PP non woven fabric
PP non woven fabric has wide and variety applications, such as Health, Hygiene, Medical, Packaging, Agriculture, Furniture Upholstery, Shoes and Garments. Customers come from the textile and automotive industries as well as many other sectors.
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