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PP woven ground cover

PP woven ground cover
PP woven ground cover
woven ground cover is made of environmentally friendly raw materials, pp spunbond nonwoven fabric. It is widely used as weed control fabric for prevention of weeds in all areas of the garden. Comes with high UV resistance, 15 year guarantee and is easy to cut, handle and lay.



PP Woven Ground Cover is made of artificial fibres with various petro-chemical derivatives as their source. The functions are separation, filtration, drainage and initial reinforcement. Geotextiles are permeable fabrics which, when used in association with soil, have the ability to separate, filter, reinforce, protect, or drain. Our product feature high tensile strength and low elongation standards. These have superior capacity for filtration and load distribution, thus reducing rutting and helping in extending the life of paved and unpaved roadways.

1-Construction of roads and other trafficked areas (excluding railways and asphalt inclusion)

2-Construction of railways,

3-Earthworks, foundations and retaining structures,

4-Use in drainage systems,

5-Erosion control works (coastal protection, bank revetments),

6-Construction of reservoirs and dams,

7-Construction of canals,

8-Construction of tunnels and underground structures,

9-Use in solid waste disposals,

10-Use in liquid waste containment projects,