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PP woven fabric

PP woven fabric
PP woven fabric
PP woven fabric is a kind of geotextile made by extruding, cuting film,stretching to  film yarn (monofilament, split-film yarn) ,weaving.It is widely used in dam, tunnel, reservoir, channel and roofing for anti-leakage, It laso used in scrap yard protection.


PP woven fabric retains its relative structure during handling,placement . As needed, geotextile material shall be added stabilizers to make the filaments resistant to ultraviolet light,oxidation and heat. Reducing civil engineering overall costs increases construction project life filtration separation reinforcement,erosion control high strength,low elongation corrosion resistance perviousness easy transportation dimensional stabilization speed construction cost efficiency


1.It has high tensile strength, anti cracking strength, anti bursting strength, puncture resistance strength, the mechanical strength is more than double the same weight of a short filament geotextile, especially the anti bursting and the puncture resistance strength reached more than 2200N,it can effectively prevent the impact of irregular stones in the rock slope protection;
2.Good extension performance, stress dispersion and transmission is fast, so the load evenly;
3.It has big friction coefficient, it is not easy to slip in the construction;
4.It has excellent chemical resistance;
5.It has corrosive resistance;
6.It has performance of anti-aging and use the method of buried laying in construction, so it has a long service life;
7.It has good heat resistance and cold resistance, so even temperature greatly changes, the quality is not affected.
1.Environmental protection ( living landfill yard, sewage treatment plant, solid waste of industrial and hospital , etc.).
2.Protection of Water Resources ( anti-seepage, leakage blockage and reinforcement of river, lake, banks, anti-seepage of canal, side slope, etc.).
3.Municipal projects (  subway and underground engineering structures , anti-seepage of plantation roof and roof garden, lining of sewage pipe, etc.).
4.Landscape garden ( artificial lakes, rivers, reservoirs )
5.Mine industry (  ash field, dissolving tanks, yard pile and tailings ).
6.Traffic facilities (reinforcement of road foundation and anti-seepage of subway and culvert).
7.Agriculture (anti-seepage of ditch, channel, reservoir, drinking water tank, pool and irrigation system).