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PP non woven fabric

PP non woven fabric
PP non woven fabric
PP non woven fabric provides excellent physical properties,such as eco-friendly, Breathable, Anti-Pull, Tear-Resistant, Shrink-Resistant,wear-proof, acid-proof, alkali-proof, sun-proof, mildew-proof and worm-proof. excellent water permeability, high tensile strength and shock strength, non-toxic and harmless.



PP non woven fabric is made by polypropylene textile needle consolidation , product specifications from 80-800g/m2 , it is geosynthetic application in geotechnical and civil engineering , they are arranged in three-dimensional structure of the fiber . In addition to having good mechanical properties, but also has a good aspect to the drainage performance and good elongation properties and high resistance to biological , acid , anti-aging chemical stability . Meanwhile , it also has a wide range of pore size , pore distribution tortuous , excellent permeability and filtration performance .
1. Isolation
 The use of geotextile different physical properties (particle size, distribution, density and thickness, etc.) materials (such as soil and sand, sand and gravel soil, soil and concrete, etc.) for isolation. So that two or more materials are not loss of inter-and non-hybrid, to maintain the overall structure of the material and functions of the structures is to strengthen the load bearing capacity.
 When the water from fine materials into the soil layers of rough material, the use of acupuncture geogextile good air and water permeability, so that the water flow through, and effective interception soil particles, spinning, the small stone so as to maintain the stability of the soil and water projects.
 Acupuncture geotextile is a good hydraulic material, which can from a soil internal drainage channel, soil structure and excess liquid gas emissions.
 Acupuncture use of geotextile to enhance soil and the tensile strength of the anti-deformation ability to increase the stability of the building structure in order to improve the quality of the soil.
 Will focus on effective stress-proliferation, transfer or broken down by external force to prevent the soil and damage.
 Acupuncture geotextile and other materials (primarily asphalt or plastic film) with the formation of impermeable layer of insulation layer.