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High quality HDPE Geomembrane

High quality HDPE Geomembrane
High quality HDPE Geomembrane
HDPE Geomembrane is extruded PE membrane formed by adding anti- oxidant, absorbent of ultraviolet and dyestuff into HDPE and will provide an effective barrier to of liquid water and water vapor.HDPE performs well in mechanical properties ,ageing-resistance,chemical-resistance ,climate- resistance and resistance to puncture .


HDPE Geomembrane has excellent temperature property of temperature adaptability, property of welding, bearing climate, anti-erosion, anti-crack and anti-puncture. As the leakage material, therefore particularly suitable for the construction of underground, mining, landfill, sewage or dregs disposal.

HDPE geomembrane with textured surface is a new type of anti-leakage products, its one side textured and both sides textured can increase its coefficient of friction and function of preventing leakage, especially used in anti-leakage in slop and vertical surface in order to enhance its stability.
1.Complete variety of specifications of width and thickness. Thickness: 0.75-2.5mm/Width: 4-8m . 
2.Excellent environmental stress resistant cracking performance.
3.Excellent performance of chemical erosion resistance. 
4.Excellent waterproof and anti-seepage capability; 
5.A wide using temperature range and long service life . 
6.Low coefficient of thermal expansion, flexibility;
7.Applied in landfill waste site, sewage and filth treatment site, tailings depot and underground construction project 
1.River dike,lake bank,tailing tank,reservoir area,water channel or liquid tank
2.Anti-seepage blocking of subway ,basement and tunnel
3.Water-logging and anti-seepage of roadbed and other foundations
4.Vertical anti-seepage layer of foundation ,construction cofferdam and waste material yard.
5.Sea water and freshwater oultivation farm
6.Waterproof layer of roadbed,swelled ground and collapsible loess of highorad,expressway and railway.