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High Density Polyethylene Geomembrane

High Density Polyethylene Geomembrane
High Density Polyethylene Geomembrane
HDPE geomembrane is a waterproof material,compound with geotechnological fabric and geomembrane , it is used for draining off water and adding the muscle mainly. It is against drawing, tearing resistance,and high CBR plunger strength, can meet the need of civil engineering such as water conservancy , municipal administration,building,traffic,subway,tunnel etc.


HDPE geomembrane has many advantages,such as excellent physical and mechanical performance, high tearing resistance, good deformation adaptability, high puncture resistance, high aging resistance, high UV resistance, anti-acid & alkali, excellent low & high temperature resistance, innocuous, long life span, perfect water proof performance, seepage and humidity resistance.

HDPE geomembrane is widely used in the projects of Landfill, bank, dam, storage reservoir, channel. irrigation, highway, railway, tunnel, drinking tank, salt field bittern pan, chemical liquid storage, treatment tank, artificial lake and riverway ect.
1.Thickness : 0.75mm - 2.5mm.
2.Width : 4m-8m
3.Length : 50m-100m/roll (as request).
4.Material : HDPE,( LDPE, LLDPE, PVC, EVA ).
5.Color : Black , white , red , blue , or as required.
6.Optional surface : Textued(one or two side) or smooth surface.


1.Environmental protection, sanitation (such as solid waste landfills, sewage treatment plants, power plants Chi-conditioning, industrial, hospital solid waste, etc.) .
2.Water (such as rivers, lakes and reservoirs of the anti-dam, plugging, reinforcement of the canal seepage, the vertical wall of the heart, slope protection, etc.).
3.Municipal Engineering (subway, on the ground floor of the building, planted roof, the roof garden of anti-seepage, sewage pipes lining, etc.). 
4.Landscape (man-made lake, river, reservoir, golf courses reservoirs of the substrate, slope protection, green lawn of the waterproof moisture, etc.). 
5.Petrochemical (chemical plants, oil refineries, gas storage tanks of the anti-chemical reaction tanks, sedimentation tanks of the lining, etc.). 
6.Mining (washing and pool heap leaching, the ash-field, dissolved, precipitation, the yard, the tailings seepage substrates, etc.) .