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HDPE geomembrane liners

HDPE geomembrane liners
HDPE geomembrane liners
HDPE geomembrane is produced from high-grade polyethylene resin produced by foreign and domestic large petrochemical enterprises by three-layer pressing and plastic formation technology and double layer pressing and rolling technology.



Our HDPE geomembrane is produced by the highest quality PE resin ,adding carbon which is in nanometer grade and other additives. Compared with other materials, Teamgo geomembrane is with good anti-aging, UV resistance, oxidative stability, chemical erosion resistance and bio-enzyme degradation resistance.The surface can be choosed from smooth ,single sided textured or double sided textured;The thickness can be from 0.75 to 3.0 mm and the width can reach to 8 meters.
1.All physical factors such as anti-draw, anti-tear, and anti-stab meet the requirement of water works, chemicals, tunnels, and transportation project in most conditions.
2.Good aging, durable performance, and wide temperature arrange, it can be useful over thirty years.
3.Anti-stab and fine friction factors.
4.Canker proof, acid and alkali proof, untoxic.
5.Lower cost per unit area, cost is 1/3«1/2 lower than that of PVC film, glass and cloth.
6.Convevient to install and dependable effect.
1,Prevent leakage disposal in landfill or waste water or waste dregs disposing field. 
2,River bank, lake dam, mine remainings, reservoir, tunnel. Liquid storage pool(pit, mine) 
3,Preventing leakage in subway, basement, tunnel, hole. Anti-salt leskage in roadbed and other groundsill. 
4,The plane direction laying of dam, the vertical direction laying for groundsill, used in the construction fence and waste material field. 
5,Used in seawater of freshwater feed field. 
6,Used in groundsill of road, highway, railway and waterproof layer of swelling clay and wet collapsed loess. 
7,Preventing leakage on rooftop