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Greenhouse shade cloth

Greenhouse shade cloth
Greenhouse shade cloth
Shade Cloth is widely used in horticulture, greenhouses and floriculture, flower-growing and fruit-growing, building scaffold, livestock, play areas, fence, windbreak and packaging applications.etc


Shade cloth is also called Sun-shade net, it is nearly 10 years to promote a kind of newest farming, fishing, animal husbandry, windproof, cover soil and other special protective cover material.After the summer cover have a stop light, rain, moisture, the cooling effect.Winter has certain heat preservation after covering humidifying function.


1. Material : the shade fabric is made of virgin high quality HDPE,
2. Shade rate: 30%-98%
3.Weight: 60-400g/m2
4.Width ; 1m -11m
5. Color : black , dark green, yellow, red, etc.
6. Type: flat wire or round wire.
1.Long life - Supper UV protection
2,Eye holes provided on the edge of fabric for fastening 
3.Special clips as accessory of fastening
4.Not easily distorted when laid over any rough sharp base material